White Card

The NT Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Workers requires that all employers must ensure all workers performing construction work in NT complete general induction training.

NT WorkSafe may accept any of the following things as evidence that the employer has ensured the worker has completed general construction induction training:

  • a construction induction card issued by NT WorkSafe following successful completion of induction training by an RTO: this is known as the White Card OR
  • a construction Statement of Attainment issued by an RTO, pending processing of a construction induction card [White Card]

Course Delivery

This course is run over 1 eight hour day including 4 hours in the training room and 4 hours on site. The cost is $129 for the training and issuing of the White Card. The course is delivered at Marrara Christian College FACT (Fabrication and Construction Training Centre) on the corner of Amy Johnson Ave and McMillans Rd.

Course Assessment

Assessments are completed in one or two sessions as part of the induction process to employment and training.

Assessments include topics such as signage, fire safety, waste disposal, electrical tools, electrical leads, procedures, safe work methods, and procedures for grinders, drop saws and welders.

The classroom session will include a written assessment.

Each small group session will reinforce information learned in the classroom and include an assessment component.