VET Delivered to Secondary Students

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Delivered to Secondary Students provides an opportunity for Senior School students to begin to obtain skills in a national qualification while still at school. The training and level of expectation in VET Delivered to Secondary Students program is the same as that expected by apprentices and adults undertaking training for a job.

There are many advantages in doing a VET Delivered to Secondary Students program:
• They provide a head start into a career while at school.
• Employers find those completing a VET Delivered to Secondary Students qualification at school increase their chances of getting a job
• Earn points towards Year 12, Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET).
• The qualifications gained provide pathways to further study

When making a choice about which VET qualification to choose, teachers, parents, peers and Career Advisors should all be involved. A tool to help students explore their interests and skills is provided by the Australian Apprenticeships Career Interest Explore.

A list of the current courses being offered by Transforming Training can be found in our VET Delivered to Secondary Students Course Guide.

Please consider how we intend to deliver, and the Work Placement days required, and make sure all requirements can be met before selection is made. Work placement, whether days or blocks, are essential to do to determine competency on-the-job. Our expectation is that they take priority over other life events.

Students who start in a VET Delivered to Secondary Students program may transfer to a School Based Apprenticeship [SBA] as negotiated with the parent/employer /school and Transforming Training.