Certificate I in Engineering


The Certificate I in Engineering will give you an introduction on what it means to be a boilermaker. The course covers a small number of employable trade skills.

You may then choose to further your training with an apprenticeship in Certificate II in Engineering in Fabrication or Welding.

This training can lead to employment in the Construction, Light Fabrication, Oil and Gas, or Mining Industries.

Duration of Course:

Length of the school calendar year.

Will I do work placement?

15 days (in 3 blocks of 1 week) during the year.

For students who intend to work in the industry it is preferable they spend an additional 1 day per week on work placement in Term 2 and Term 3.

What will it cost?

Cost of safety gear is approximately $300. ($85 extra per uniform if required).

For more information refer to the brochure