Coordinator Testimonials

The Fabrication and Construction Trade Training Centre [FACTTC] has run smoothly, with excellent opportunities for both our students who attend this program:
• Their confidence has improved greatly
• They have been offered a second qualification
• One student has been provided with ongoing support through to Certificate III level
The Community Services course has also run smoothly, with both students receiving additional support by the trainer; one student being supported well beyond what would normally be offered.Education Support course has also run very well for both our adult participants and for a student transitioning from a school-based apprenticeship (Certificate II in Community Services) through to a full-time apprenticeship (Certificate III Education Support). All are very pleased with the quality of training offered.


Attendance and reporting were provided in a timely manner.

Whilst school commitments prevented me from attending, feedback from students has led me to believe that graduation ceremonies were well organised and meaningful. I would not hesitate in using Transforming Training for future training.

Lesley (VET Coordinator)
Transforming Training has done a fantastic job meeting the needs of students from Marrara Christian College in 2011. I believe we have seen considerable success especially from Community Services and Educational Support. 2012 will give many of our students full time employment in the industry areas covered by these VET courses.The courses available at FACTTC also link in strongly to industry needs and my understanding is that several students have reached outstanding levels of achievements within their studies and I congratulate them on that success.I would like to encourage Transforming Training to again provide spaces in Educational Support courses as this is a real pathway to teaching degrees for our Indigenous students.
Steve (VET Coordinator)
I am very pleased to have worked with you this year! It is always a pleasure to work with an organisation that is so professional and well organised.
Peta (Careers to Work Transition)
Our student was well catered for during her time studying Certificate II in Community Services. The course unit activities were relevant to the learning area requirements and the trainer explored ‘real-life’ scenarios. The students were provided with plenty of opportunity to communicate their own experiences. The subject work was challenging, but manageable, and the excursions to various community service providers were an excellent insight and liaison opportunity for the students. The course units were well-paced. The trainer was well organised and the resources available were good also.The staff were very supportive of our students and provided the flexibility required to allow students from remote Indigenous communities access to trade-based training. The course unit work was relevant to their learning needs and many aspects of their trade were explored. The unit delivery was professional and catered well for Indigenous learners with lower literacy and numeracy learning requirements. The staff/ trainers were well organised and facilitated the needs of each student well. The safety standards and practices were well maintained and the availability of tools and other resources were excellent. The real-life skills associated with the training is excellent and provides all students with a fine insight into the reality of their trade.
Liza (Careers Coordinator)
I have nothing but good things to say about what you guys deliver. We have sent many students over there and many of them have been termed as “difficult” here, due to various factors such as an ESL background, as well as recognised learning impairments. Thus far these students have all achieved their qualifications. This has often been the opposite of their performance in “mainstream” schooling.I was there for the training awards and it was the first time I have seen the facilities, which are phenomenal. The benefits these kids get from the “real world” atmosphere you have created cannot be overstated, and I believe ensures that many students continue their studies to the end of year 12.
As a VET coordinator, whenever I have had a query or issue it has always been promptly dealt with by you.
Adam (VET Coordinator)
Thank you for the information. It is much appreciated.
Mbwisha started in the Secondary Intensive English Unit with no English at all in 2010.
It is an incredible achievement for her to have completed this course and congratulations must also go to the teachers for supporting her.