Learner Testimonials

I had a positive experience doing the Education Support Certificate III with Transforming Training. I was quite nervous going back to study and did not know how I would balance it out having two children under three, one having special needs. Everyone at Transforming Training was always very helpful, encouraging and understanding, which was most refreshing after being in the workplace where mothers are not always welcome. I also appreciated the catch up sessions, as I was not able to attend every class, with the help of trainer and the other students I could work through some questions or difficulties I had.
Sannet (Certificate III in Education Support)
I’m extremely interested in doing my Cert IV in Education Support, after completing the Certificate III. I would like to do it through you because it’s a relaxing environment. I found I learnt more from being in a smaller class, the hours are fantastic, the location is close, and the team running it understands about my family commitments in an emergency, even allowing leeway to have my child or children attend with me. The lecturers are good and the team are so supportive and give me the right encouragement to continue when it gets tough.
Monique Strong (Certificate III in Education Support)
… you are a wonderful trainers and a great support to everyone in the class. Who knew I would enjoy studying and attending lessons after so many years. Completing the course has been a very positive experience for me. I felt very apprehensive at the beginning of the course but this disappeared quickly on meeting [the both of] you.
Kelli (Certificate III in Education Support)
Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the Cert III in Education Support course. It has helped me in more ways than just having the units and doing the work. The lecturers have been invaluable by making themselves completely available and showing us they care about developing and supporting the education environment. Thank you for your dedication in a course that has been a stepping stone in my life and the first thing out of High School that I have completed. I am very exited
Katherine (Certificate III in Education Support)
I think the extra tutorial assistant classes are a wonderful idea.
Richelle (Certificate IV in Education Support)
I realise as I live in the rural area there would be closer training organisations for me to attend. However, I would rather travel the distance to Marrara to complete my training with Transforming Training. I am aware of people in similar situations to mine who are currently doing the Cert III and IV with other organisations part time or externally and having difficulties with the training. After speaking to them, they are very interested in re-starting their courses and enrolling with Transforming Training as the support of the trainers, classmates and time in the classroom is what they are missing.
Sharni (Certificate IV in Education Support)
Thank you for helping me to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. I was even able to give one of the grade six classes a talk about cyber bulling and I never freaked out!
Toni (Certificate IV in Education Support)
I really got a lot out of Chantal’s presentation (and Adams) and I went away feeling very inspired. Listening to someone whose passion for being an advocate for children with difficulties/ disabilities was very postive. . . . . . . . . . I have really enjoyed doing the course and the wonderful people I have got to meet and learn from.
Thank you all at
Transforming Training.
Bernie (Certificate IV in Education Support)
Just wanted to send an email and thank you all at Transforming Training for the training and support I received this year whilst completing Certificate IV in Education Support. It was certainly very professionally presented and delivered in a very caring, friendly manner
Glenda (Certificate IV in Education Support)
The excursion to the hospital really helped a lot because people came and explained to us how they started their career. They told us to not leave school but get what we really want in life, and I think that was good. I did not find anything negative in the course.
Sarah (Certificate II in Community Services)
I enjoyed my time and got along with everyone. I liked all the assessments we had to complete except for when we had to do oral presentations, which I hate doing, but I did really well.
Kate (Certificate II in Community Services)
What I like about the course is that everyone was participating and that no one failed the course.
Donald (Certificate II in Community Services)
The best part of the course was when we were doing cooking and when we did the ‘Communicate with Children’ unit. I really had a lot of fun working with those little children.
Rishenda (Certificate II in Community Services)