Employer Feedback

Employer Feedback – Education Support – BEST Things
• The communication with the Principal from the trainers and the positive experience from the staff about their experience in the course
• Broadening skills and ways of assisting students to learn
• Student is engaging with issues and asking questions
• All the staff who have undertaken training with this organisation in the past 2 years report high levels of satisfaction with the course
• The knowledge gained that can be used on the work experience students
• My assistant teacher has been more engaged with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of teaching. We have had targeted discussions about specific topics.
Employer Feedback – Construction and Engineering – BEST Things
• Use of skills in the workplace projects provides opportunities for students to get a confident start
• Productive mentality to use their skills
• Practical activity with theory builds competency with the trainees
• Trainers’ appreciation of local Indigenous culture and obstacles to mainstream levels of training
• Trainers’ industry knowledge and experience
• High quality of training resources, equipment and machinery
• Tailored program suits most trainees