Learner Feedback

Learner Feedback – Certificate III Education Support – BEST things
• Group learning; Trainer is very knowledgeable
• Flexibility, accommodating all students, interacting and sharing experiences with fellow ISA’s. Support and encouragement from the trainer
• Getting to know other teacher-aids and hear about their experiences and different ways to help children
• The knowledge that the trainer has, and provides
• The best aspect for me is being able to stretch my brain on prior knowledge and apply it to the course
• Accommodating and great information package
• Group support and shared experiences
• Every aspect of the training and the materials have been very informative and stimulating
• The class teamwork was the most interesting part of this course and the lecturing was great
• Trainers are approachable and friendly. I enjoy our training sessions immensely
• I am enjoying the course and have learnt some great stuff
• Most everything I’ve learnt has been of direct benefit in my workplace and I’ve utilised a lot of these theories and procedures
• Professionalism and approachable
• Working with a group of diverse people with a common goal. Feeling supported throughout the training course. Learning to apply material learnt to the school environment
• The relaxed, yet steady flow of work and training
• The trainer went an extra mile to deliver the lesson on working with diversity. I spoke to someone who had done the course elsewhere and they didn’t get anything close to what we got
• Assessment and learner books are written well – easy to understand increasing knowledge and resources. It helped me to see the skills I have and to improve on it. I am definitely better equipped to deal with work situations
• The training is applicable to both life and work. I love the lecturers for sensitivity and care in helping us to get through
• The course is being delivered in a very accessible and up-building way


Learner Feedback – Certificate IV Education Support- BEST Things
• The acquired knowledge gained
• Comfortable with learning pace and clearly explained what is expected from students
• I am enjoying the course when I get down to it. Enjoy the tutorials
• Everything. Our trainer is very helpful and understanding
• Small groups. Genuine and prompt feedback
• Friendly, comfortable, helpful trainer
• Knowledge gained from class/students
• Using computer (E-learning)
• Reaffirming my skills and knowledge
• Friendly, helpful and dedicated trainers
• Convenient
• Not too demanding with busy schedule
• The classes have been great
• Classes are enjoyable, units are well presented, very informative
• Flexible training times and teachers. Easy to follow units. I have enjoyed the face-to-face classroom contact


Learner Feedback – Certificate II in Engineering and Construction – BEST Things
• Tailored program suited most trainees
• Learning new things in the workplace and learning new skills
• Learning part
• I’m not yet sure where I’m going in the near future with my skills but VET at MCC FACT is giving me a larger range of skills to pick from
• Pretty much all of it
• Learning new things, doing new skills, meeting new people
• Working
• Doing work
• The good in this training is learning new skills for a work place
• The practical work is the best thing because I like hands on work


Learner Feedback (Remote Adults) – Certificate II in Construction – BEST Things
• It was great. I liked the training
• Working [work]
• The training motivated me to learn new skills and more knowledge
• On site construction for house footing
• I did learn more skills doing welding from my instructor
• Training is good
• For me I enjoy doing this course


Learner Feedback – Certificate II in Community Services – BEST Things
Work placement
• The best aspect of the training is that I have been able to develop new skills and build on my own knowledge
• I learnt new things and gained experience. The trainer told us what was expected
• The trainers are learning about what each one of us students want and help us focus on that topic
• The best aspect of the training so far are the work placements because I realise what I really want to do in my future
• The best aspect of this training is learning new skills
• The trainers are nice and helpful